Inspiration and Motivation?

I love love love this photograph. It is from a collection over at the Guardian web site…. photos of a rock n roll weekender somewhere in the UK. I love it for many different reasons – the sky, the drama, the colours, it just being a beautifully shot picture and of course because it features a heavily tattooed woman with bettie bangs!

This is one of the many good things about researching tattoos for a PhD – I get to look at great photographs. There is a downside to this however, and that is that these great photos really makes one question your own identity and self-image. I suppose it’s because I am so close to my research topic in that I too am heavily tattooed. There is no way I cannot research this topic without relating it to myself in some way. Ah, the old subjective/objective research dilemma. Well, I’m being transparent and reflexive and ‘owning’ my subjectivity at least – like all good feminist researchers should 🙂

This was of course the whole reason for this blog – to be reflexive throughout the research process. To document and discuss my pathway through my PhD. Ok, so posting a nice photo isn’t *really* discussing my research in any depth – but it was a good excuse to share a lovely pic and talk about how these gorgeous photos make me feel like a frump (!)

Could we call it ‘Embodied Academia’? I think this needs more thought…..