Tattoos and the Media

In my hazy maternity-leave brain fog, I was going to write a response to the Guardian article published this week. I whole heartedly agree with this response and am sure it reflects many others’ feelings too….


Today, The Guardian have published a piece of online news titled ‘Study restores the link between tattoos and anger‘. As soon as I saw it, I lifted my head to the sky and sighed, knowing what would follow the publication of an article like this.

I have spent the last two weeks relentlessly contacting newspapers and magazines to spread the word about my tattoo artist exhibitionwhich opened in the Midlands this month. Part of the motivation behind the exhibition, this tattoo blog (Inkluded), andindeedthe tattoo magazine that I write for (Skin Deep), is to change the mass general public’s perception about tattoos, tattooed people, and tattoo artists.

I have always believedthat the process of getting a tattoo is a beautiful, insightful and unique process like no other, and there should be room in the media for us to explore this. We needmore permanent…

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